James B. Robar: Author of Christian Books

WHO HAS THE GOLD? — MC Diner Trilogy: Book 1
James B. Robar: Author of Christian Books
AMY — MC Diner Trilogy: Book 2
VORTEX — MC Diner Trilogy: Book 3

About James B. Robar

James B. Robar writes about family struggles. Having been a Christian all his life, he filters all he sees and does through that perspective. He condenses his life’s observations, for writing fiction, by asking these questions: How would a Christian resolve the difficult situation? Would the situation turn out better if all the characters involved relied on God? What if the protagonist relied on God and the antagonist didn’t, how could the protagonist change the mind of the antagonist? What if the antagonist doesn’t change, what will that do to the protagonist? Will positive change take place, or will it remain status quo, or will it get worse?

Since his Christian fiction novels originate from true events, he believes they have the potential to impact all the readers with a solid take-home value.

In real life, not everyone accepts Christ. However, if his writing changes the mind of one person to live a Christian life, he will not have labored in vain.