James B. Robar: Author of Christian Books

John 15:5 — I am the vine, you are the branches.
James B. Robar
cover for Who Has the Gold
WHO HAS THE GOLD? — MC Diner Trilogy: Book 1
Nancy Peterson, a feisty, hard as nails, redhead Conglomerate Trust Bank agent celebrated her thirtieth birthday alone. All alone. Her fiancé and only true love, Read more.
James B. Robar: Author of Christian Books
AMY — MC Diner Trilogy: Book 2
LIFE IS ABOUT MAKING CHOICES—MILLIONS OF THEM - Unfortunately, one bad choice can lead to serious consequences and a lifetime of unhappiness, without the aid of Read more.
cover for Vortex
VORTEX — MC Diner Trilogy: Book 3
Will Amy’s rehabilitated mother fit in on the ranch? Will she be able to meet Amy’s demands? Will her past stay buried? Will she forgive Read more.
James B. Robar: Author of Christian Books
ALL ABOUT MONEY or ALL ABOUT GOD - He who has the most stuff wins. This myth is all too common. Materialism is an extremely Read more.
Cover for Fishing for a Spouse
USING OUR EXPERIENCE TO ALTER OUR FUTURE - After a life-time of fishing and sacking groceries, Ernie thinks there might be more to life, but Read more.
cover for Fellon's Produce
When convicted people receive the label of “Felon”, it hangs with them the rest of their lives. It does not seem fair after they have Read more.
cover for I Don't Like Questions
SUFFER THE LITTLE ONES TO COME UNTO ME - Child abuse is at an all-time high. It goes hand in hand with hard economic times. Read more.