Under the Umbrella of Hope

Christian Novels by James Robar
James Robar

I enjoy writing Christian fiction and I offer them for your pleasure.

James Robar


Best Friends

Hope for a gangster’s wife

Harry and Rose Buellton relocate from town to town seeking new wealthy “best friends.” Their purpose is to plunder their valuable art. The new best friends vanish.

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Fellons Produce

Hope for a rich brat

Self-centered wealthy brat, Cliff Beardsley, spends four years, in prison, after nearly killing a young lady during a highspeed police chase. While incarcerated, both of his parents are declared dead.

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Fishing for a Spouse

Hope for the hard to educate

After years of fishing and sacking groceries, Ernie thinks there might be more to life, but needs his sidekick, Earl, for support. He talks him into enrolling in the Radisson Area Technical College where they get an analytical assignment to learn how to find a spouse.

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I Don’t Like Questions

Hope for an abandoned child

Stuttering eight-year-old Eric witnesses his dad shoot his mother and is later found abandoned after seeing his father gunned down in a foiled bank robbery.

Nancy, a social worker, struggles to place Eric in a safe environment.

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God’s in Control Trilogy

Beyond the Quest

Book 1 — Hope for an abused daughter

Clarice Mason, escapes her abusive father, the town drunk, and hides at a small college on a quest to entrap a wealthy male student. Once accomplished, she’s forced to go Beyond the Quest.

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Ronny’s Path to Destruction

Book 2 — Hope for an alcoholic son

During a botched attempt to stop his drunken father from beating his mom, Ron Mason barely escapes with his life in nothing but his torn underwear. He runs from one bad scene to another and foremost on his mind is he’ll never forgive his father.

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Keep Your Hedge Tight

Book 3 — Hope for a grandson addicted to porn

Alex Vonhuffle fails to keep his worktime and family time in balance. While overly tired he stumbles onto a porn site and allows the hedge around his life to be opened. Porn consumes his life and becomes more attractive than his loving family.

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M-C Diner Trilogy

Who has the Gold

Book 1 — Hope for revenge and betrayal

Atheist, May Stevens, plans to find and execute the gold thieves who killed her fiancé in obscure Spamsville, MN. Others move to town upsetting the status quo.

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Book 2 — Hope for a neglected daughter

Young teenager, Amy, runs away from her mother’s perverted wishes. Loneliness follows and hounds her. Regardless, she remains strong opposing her mother’s lifestyle. Out of viable options, she decides suicide is her only way to freedom.

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Book 3 — Hope for a wayward Mother

This 3rd book brings many facets of books 1 and 2 together along with some adorable and not so adorable minor characters. They all spin the vortex of life toward the ultimate goal—heaven. The motive for the gold robbery is a shock.

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